Terms of use and pricing for employers

We offer our range of services for employers according to the following model.

Memberships in the Æ INDEX
Choose a plan that works to secure your future.




Complementary to the START package


Complementary to the PRO package

› Recording and display in Æ INDEX
  + permanently,
     online on www.attactive-employers.com

  + with active linking to your company video,
     published by you on YouTube

› More visibility and reach
  + with active linking in the Æ INDEX to your
     website, among others to existing pages like:
     - Your career page, jobs
     - Latest news
     - Products / Shop, etc.

   + with active linking to other channels of
      your company, e.g. social media platforms.

› Activation of Æ Contact
+ Access to the Æ Applicant Alert function

› Receive offers for digital add-on services
  + Æ Newsletter
     - Possibility of recommendation via
       monthly Æ-newsletter
     - Recommendation via Æ Job Alert

  + Æ Partner Channels

› Receive quotes for business services
  + Æ Consulting

  + Æ Seminars

  + Æ Training

› Receive invitation to Æ xPEERrience

19 € / month

Billed annually at 228 € / year

49 € / Monat

Billed annually at 588 € / year

79 € / Monat

Billed annually at 948 € / year

Free of charge

Option: START package is free *

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* Decision is incumbent Æ, depending on individual agreement based on personal acquaintance.

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