Strengthen and protect your own employer image. Future-proof.

We rethink employer branding for you as an attractive employer.


We make you more visible and better known as an employer.

The reputation of your company in the public eye, the attraction for job
applicants, should always be promoted in a positive way.

› documented on / Countries / Industry_
  as well as via Æ.contact in the future,
positioned for the long term, possible without interruptions,
free use of our Æ signet possible,
associated with exclusive additional services

Focus on quality

Selected companies als recommended via the Æ community.

We recommend companies that enjoy a positive reputation as employers and stand for ensuring the following values:

› appreciation,
› planning security,
› future prospects,
› loyalty

Exclusivity through limitation and closed community

Example of the corporate landscape in Germany:
There are more than 3 million companies subject to VAT in Germany. The vast majority certainly see themselves as "attractive employers" and would like to have a positive employer image.

Our aim is not to list all companies in a country or the entirety of a particular sector on Æ.contact.

Up to 100 companies per country and sector are included in the Æ Community. 

Inclusion is by invitation only from the Æ team.

Recommendation results at a glance

Unique selling points, among others:

› web design (#Usability)
   + display of employers in alphabetical order

› request appointment with HR department function,
  #Inbound Recruiting

feedback on attractiveness function

Attractive conditions
#Return on Investment, #Time-to-Hire

Quality management and fair rules

› interested applicants are regularly asked about their experiences
  with the 
Æ Community. 

› should you decide to end your involvement as an employer in the
Æ Community or we will terminate your access, we will manage
  this process fairly and professionally. 
Once you have left the
  Æ Community, you remain excluded 

How we start together

The Æ Team invites your company to participate in the Æ Community. We provide information on how and under what conditions we can include your company in a Æ recommendation list.


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